Fashion Design Associate Degrees

Associate Degree Programs for Fashion Students

An associate degree program is an important consideration for aspiring fashion professionals.  As this field offers a wide variety of career paths, a training program may be found that allows you to get the type of education and skills needed to be successful in this exciting industry.  Once you have received your degree, you may be eligible for many more jobs than had you just received a certificate or a diploma.  Although options for a bachelor degree are available, it is not usually necessary to continue on in your education for another several years in order to find a rewarding, well-paying job. Read More

-An associate degree in fashion takes as little as two years, yet still allows you to be qualified for a wide variety of jobs throughout the industry.

-The education and training included in programs for associate degrees in fashion may be tailored to your interests.  Whether you have a passion for design or wish to focus more on the business side of the industry, there are programs available to suit your interests.

-The level of competence that associate degrees provide are recognized and highly regarded by a large number of fashion industry professionals.  The likelihood for obtaining a great job is greatly increased with this level of a degree.

But What Will I Learn With an Associate Degree?

Depending on the specific program you choose, your associate degree may teach you a wide variety of skills and knowledge.  However, every program may cover the basics that are essential in order to be qualified for some of the best jobs in the industry.  Also, your education may give you the confidence of knowing that you are well-versed in many different techniques that may be required of you during employment.   

Although some students that pursue fashion education have already spent years practicing their design and sewing skills on their own, professional training may reinforce your previous experience as well as expand upon it by learning:

-Industrial sewing

-Pattern drafting and flat pattern design

-Designing for specific populations, including men, women, and children

-Working with special textiles and materials

-Accessory design and concepts

-History of fashion trends and analysis of current ones

-Computer assisted design and illustration

-Management and business practices

What Kind of Career Can I Find?

With an associate degree in fashion, you may work in virtually all aspects of the industry.  From the business end to creating wearable designs, you may be able to find a job that excites you and makes use of all of the skills you learned in your education.  On the business and managerial side, you may be able to work as a regional retail store manager, take care of inventory and purchasing orders, or even work with a fashion company's ad and sales team.  Creatively, you may assist a fashion house or designer with their needs for construction and pattern-making.  It is also possible to use your skills as a personal or professional stylist. 

This type of degree may prepare you for the majority of the jobs that this field has to offer.  Although going on to get your bachelor's degree may only serve to enhance your skills, it is rarely necessary in order to secure employment.  However, should you choose to continue your schooling, an associate degree may lay a solid foundation as well as decrease the amount of time needed to complete your additional degree. 


 Fashion Design Associate Degrees

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