Fashion Design Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor Degree Programs for Fashion Students

Bachelor degree programs are a great way for fashion students to further refine their skills.  Whether you have already completed a previous program or are simply someone who has had an interest and passion for this industry for quite some time, it is a great way to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to attain the highest levels of recognition in the business, as well as obtain the most coveted positions.  A bachelor's degree may either pick up where training for a certificate or associate's degree left off or, otherwise, may be completed all on its own. Read More

-A bachelor degree in fashion may provide you with the education and experience necessary to gain the jobs in this exciting industry.

-Bachelor degrees greatly expand the options you have when it comes to employment and even provide enough expertise to allow you to successfully run your own business or create your own line.

-Obtaining a bachelor's degree in fashion may give you an in-depth knowledge of many different aspects of the industry that may set you apart from the many other aspiring fashion professionals that are applying for similar positions.  Therefore, you may have a leg-up from the competition and may really make a name for yourself in the fashion world.

But What Will I Learn With a Bachelor Degree?

In addition to basic skills needed to work in the fashion industry, such as sewing, construction, draping, and pattern-making, a bachelor degree program also provides a large focus on obtaining other practical skills necessary for success.  You may be learning how to properly run a business, whether managing someone else's or your own.  Also, there is usually a strong focus on merchandising. 

Going beyond basic sewing and art appreciation skills, a bachelor's degree fashion program further refines your eye and construction techniques.  Learning to work with more challenging materials and making sure that your garments and designs are up to strict industry standards are what set this type of education apart from an associate's degree.  Some additional topics you may learn are:

-Wholesale purchasing and contracts

-Advertising and promotional campaign techniques

-Computer-aided design and production

-Creating a portfolio that may help to launch your fashion career

What Kind of Career Can I Find?

A bachelor degree may open virtually any door in the fashion industry.  Although your talent is what may ultimately get you the job, your schooling may allow you to hone in on your particular aesthetic, refine your design and construction skills, and develop a portfolio that may be sure to impress managers and buyers alike.  This means that you may be eligible for jobs in merchandising as well as design.  Fashion merchandising positions may include wholesale buying and product promotion.  Design jobs may range from creating garments or accessories for a store or fashion house, or else starting your own line. 

A bachelor degree shows industry professionals that you have the drive as well as the knowledge and experience to be successful in this business.  A large majority of people working in fashion have not received this high level of training and, therefore, you may have a greater foundation from which to build your experience.  Those hiring for the positions recognize this commitment to fashion and business education.  When faced with a decision between two candidates, the person with the more extensive education and set of skills is much more likely to be chosen. 


 Fashion Design Bachelor Degrees

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