Fashion Design Certificates

Certificate Programs for Fashion Students

Certificate programs are a great way to ensure that you may have a successful career in the fashion industry.  As they provide you with a level of education that is able to be easily recognized by employers, you may be much better off than just attempting to apply for jobs without any sort of formal training.Read More

 As this is a highly competitive field, every advantage you may give yourself may help you tremendously in your career.  However, just because many positions in the fashion world are highly-sought after, this does not mean that you need to necessarily commit to a full degree program.  Instead, certificate training may provide you with a solid education and enough skills and experience in order for you to then get started paving your own path to success. 

-Certificates require much less time than other, more extensive, programs, but still provide an adequate amount of expertise that may then help you find a job later on.

-You may gain a wide variety of knowledge that may translate to many of the vast sectors of the fashion world.

-It is possible to choose to continue on with your education further down the line and may usually use your coursework as a way to complete some of your future degree requirements.

But What Will I Learn With a Certificate?

A fashion certificate program covers virtually all aspects of the fashion industry in some way shape or form.  You may learn how to create a garment from start to finish.  This process includes developing a concept, sketching, selecting fabrics, and sewing.  Draping and pattern-making techniques are also included in your education. 

In addition to learning how to develop a garment in its entirety, certificate programs also focus a great deal on developing your business skills.  Although many people view this as a solely creative industry, there is actually a lot of management and business know-how that is necessary in order to have a successful career.  Some of the specifics of both design and business that are covered in this type of program are:

-Proper construction techniques

-Tailoring, alterations, and garment fitting

-Application and use of a wide variety of fabrics and textiles

-Skills and knowledge needed in order to become an entrepreneur

-Creating a business plan

What Kind of Career Can I Find?

The choices for a fashion career are virtually endless and a certificate program prepares you for a wide variety of these available opportunities.  Additionally, it also gives you the option for completing an associate's or bachelor's degree at a later date, while having already done coursework that you may typically apply to those programs.  In terms of jobs, you may choose to work on the production end by doing pattern-making and drafting.  There are also jobs involving actual garment construction and alterations.  You have the option for developing your own designing or tailoring business, or else may choose to work for someone else. 

Also, a certificate may qualify you to work as an assistant stylist or a personal shopper.  Many regular retail and high-end stores now offer personal shopping as a service to valued clients and this may prove to be a rewarding profession.  However, the options for a fashion career do not end there.  One of the best things about completing a fashion program is that you may really design your own career based off of your inherent talents as well as your education and training.  


 Fashion Design Certificates

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