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20 Web Apps Every Fashion Student Should Know

There’s lot of stuff for fashion students on the internet. There are many sites and blogs which, apart from informing them about the latest trends and styles, also provide tools which could help them quickly create and publish designs.

This list informs you about 20 such web based tools which every fashion student ought to know. They include outfit creators, virtual makeover sites, fashion communities and much more. The great thing - almost all of them are free to use. Check out the amazing list.

1. Polyvore

Polyvore is a cool web app which helps you create an outfit or a set of products by mixing and matching images from all around the web. It offers a bookmarklet called Clip to Polyvore which lets you instantly add any image you come across on the web to your set of items.

The site has a drag and drop outfit creator which makes creating sets and outfits fun. Great tool for fashion students to explore different matching options and combine accessories and attires to see what stuff mixes well and what doesn’t.

2. LiftMagic

Cosmetics and makeup tools are an essential part of any fashion course. So if you’ve got the picture of a model and want to apply some anti-aging and face-lifting measures then how do you do it ? The answer is Liftmagic. This tool, as they describe is, “the world’s most advanced facelift, anti-aging, and cosmetic surgery simulation application, offering fully automated one-click makeovers in just seconds”. And it does work pretty well. You could either choose to apply all the settings at once or be selective in applying them.

3. DailyMakeover

For an anti-aging simulation application, we now come to a brilliant online makeover site called DailyMakeover. While it offers lot of makeover tips and techniques, the main attraction of the site is their virtual makeover tool called the Makeover Studio.

You can start by clicking on “start your makeover” and upload photos you’d like to give a face-lift. And then you have at your disposal an unbelievable collection of cosmetics, makeup items, hairstyles, jewelery and accessories which you could put on the snap. Plus there are umpteen effects for face, eyes, lips etc. An amazing tool without a doubt.

4. BurdaStyle

BurdaStyle is an innovative website which lets fashion enthusiasts create their own clothes using various patterns, step-by-step tutorials, tips and tricks, design inspirations and with help from others in the community/forums. It features various sewing projects and also lets you start and upload your own project.

5. NotCouture

NotCouture is like a picture bookmark site for fashion lovers. They call it “a visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusements.” You can add the vivid fashion images you come across on the web to your collection on the site. The images could include various fashion related items, designs, accessories…just about any fine style you come across and want to preserve to refer to it later.

6. MyItThings

MyItThings is a user generated online fashion and trends magazine where fashion students can quickly create a page or column and share their ideas, thoughts, opinions and much more. Every user gets a virtual closet called “My It closet” where he can things like clothes, fashion products, jewelry, movies, music etc.

A good thing about the site is its community aspect. You can share your virtual closet and your columns with friends and other community members and get feedback.

7. Hairmixer

Hairmixer is an instant, super cool virtual hair mixing and styling app. It allows you to upload a photo and then pick a hairstyle from its gallery, a random web image or from the adjacent celebrity pic. Then you can interchange hairstyles by dragging and adjusting your photo’s face on the face of the other pic and see how your photo looks in that hairstyle. You might not get it the first time but when you do, it’s really a nice tool to play with.

8. PimpTheFace

PimpTheFace is another cool web app which fashion students would enjoy working with. It allows you to actually create a face by dragging and dropping various face parts. You could then apply your creativity and pimp it in a number of ways. And if you are proud of your creation then quickly share it on your blog or your Facebook profile.

9. Zivity

Zivity is an interesting and different site. Different because its a subscription based adult startup and built for an 18+ audience. It is about creative adult photography where aspiring photographers and models post semi-nude pictures to attract attention and fans which could eventually translate into big gigs in the fashion industry. Since fashion and photography go hand in hand, this site could appeal to a lot of fashion students.

10. Poppla

Fashion, pop culture and celeb world are closely world. Hence it doesn’t harm if fashion students keep themselves abreast of the latest news from celeb circles. While there are many ways to do it, Poppla is worth a try. It is built specifically for those who like to keep a track of celebrity and pop culture news. You can create custom filters for news, share and bookmark them quickly, save them for reading later and much more.

11. Shmotter

Shmotter is a nice web based tool which uses two in-built apps - outfit builder and wardrobe builder to help you create your own virtual designs and outfits. While you can use outfit builder to instantly create outfits without the need to sign up, wardrobe builder requires registration and you can save your designs using that.

The drag and drop interface of the tool lets you mix and match clothing and accessories easily. Also offers ways to share your designs and outfits online.

12. Fashion Mash

While tools like Shmotter let your mix and match outfits from their own collection, Fashion Mash lets you upload pictures of your own clothes and then edit them to discover new outfit arrangements. An innovative web app which lets you find new combinations for your clothes, browse collection of other users and share your outfits with friends to get style suggestions.

13. Rate My Fresh

Rate My Fresh is about showcasing your style online and get appreciated or criticized for the same by other users. You can upload pictures of yourselves which you think to be gorgeous and fashionable and get rated by the community. Nice way to check what’s the general opinion on your style.

14. Dream Heels

Dream Heels is for those who love high heels. And since I assume a lot of women fashion students who love fashionable high heels will read this article, I decided that this site deserves a mention in the list. Dream Heels lets you design your high heels and if you win their online contest you could walk away with a nice sum.

You can also buy designer high heels and discuss the designs with other members of the community.

15. Us Trendy

Us Trendy is a perfect site for wannabe fashion designers to get started on their journey of showcasing and spreading their designs around the world. The concept is simple - fashion students upload their designs, the users of the site vote on them and the popular stuff is produced and sold by Us Trendy. Great way for budding designers to build their portfolio. Oh, and did I tell the same holds true for models too ? Yes, the top rated models are selected for catwalk for the fashion shows organized by the site and they wear the same clothes there which were voted as the best on the site.

16. ShirtsMyWay

ShirtsMyWay, as the name suggests lets you design your own shirts and then place an order for them. And it is a pretty good tool for that purpose. Start instantly without the need to sign up, select the fabric, choose designs for parts like collar, pockets, cuffs etc, provide your body dimensions to get the exact size, preview your design and finally sign up and order the shirt. Cool, isn’t it ?

17. Taaz

Taaz is a superb virtual makeover site which makes adding things like lip liners, eyelashes, new hairstyles, foundation etc to a photo a one click affair. You get endless options to pamper the face, lips, eyes and hair along with some great effects you can add to the picture.

18. Style du Jour

Style du Jour is another outfit creation, mixing and matching site for fashion students where they could build a virtual inventory of clothes and accessories and showcase it to the world. There is also a community of users to get feedback on your collection.

19. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is a nifty web app which lets you custom design your own apparel. That could include t-shirts, underwear, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. You could completely design it yourself or use the design shared by someone else from the community. Once you are done designing you could also order it online.

20. Zafu

Wondering what jeans, pants or bra would fit you the best? Zafu, a nice site for women fashion enthusiasts will help you. By answering a few questions on waist gape, waist fit, thigh, style etc, you could get the best jeans, bras and pants for your fit.

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