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20 Websites Every Beginning Fashion Blogger Should Know

Fashion, like any other industry has a wide presence on the world wide web. Whether you want to know what happened in the London Fashion Week, what Britney Spears was wearing in the party last night or what’s the latest fashion trend among teenagers, there are plenty of fashion and pop-culture blogs that’d give you all the information along with the juicy pictures.

If you are planning to become a fashion writer/blogger, you should start by checking out some sites to get an idea of what attracts the audience and how to present your content to the readers of this niche. The following list has 20 great websites that’ll help you out in your endeavor. The content of the sites includes fashion news, lifestyle articles, trends spotting, celeb and pop culture, social media in the fashion industry and much more. Check them out.

1. Glam.com

Glam.com is probably the most well known all-in-one fashion website on the web. It has got loads of fashion and lifestyle content that includes in-depth articles, fashion industry news, blogs, videos, information on latest trends and styles, photos, celebrities and much more.

The site is a part of the Glam Media network, the biggest network of fashion and lifestyle blogs on the net. If you intend to start blogging on fashion, this site should be in your must-read list. Also you could join their network and quickly generate advertising revenue from your blog.

2. The Beauty Blog Network

The Beauty Blog Network, as they describe, is the ” largest exclusive beauty only blog network.” It has blogs which focus on beauty as their primary topic. They talk about various aspects of beauty like hair, cosmetics, makeup, nails, perfume, bath & spa, beauty product reviews and much more.

Since beauty is an integral part of fashion, this blog network provides great content for anyone interested in fashion blogging. You can also follow them on twitter or subscribe to their page on Facebook.

3. Think Fashion

When you visit Think Fashion, the first thing which grabs your attention is its elegant design. As the name suggests, the site is all about fashion. While it gives special attention to celebrity spotlight, Hollywood news, gossip and celebrity fashion, it also offers a shopping directory and a community of fashion enthusiasts.

4. Independent Fashion Bloggers

Independent Fashion Bloggers or IFB is a community of fashion bloggers where you will find articles and other valuable fashion resources along with a social network where you can hang out and discuss fashion related topics.

Apart from the blogs and newsletters, the site has a nice forum where newbie fashion bloggers can get advice and help in promotion of their websites and blogs.

5. Trendhunter Magazine

Trendhunter Magazine is an online magazine that reports the latest trends in various sectors like fashion, pop culture, art & design, technology, marketing, business, luxury and many more. It is an excellent resource for checking out what’s the latest fad among people and how you could capitalize on it.

While this site isn’t solely dedicated to the fashion industry, its fashion and lifestyle segment is huge. It spots emerging trends in fashion industry and related fields like celebs, pop culture, sex, design and luxury. Plus there are newsletters, micro trends, tools, communities and much more that could be of immense help to a budding fashion blogger.

6. Coutorture

Coutorture offers fashion news and commentary with exquisite galleries from fashion weeks around the world. It has many sections like photos, videos, editorials and lifestyle. Some of the galleries like 100 Handbags From Paris Fashion Week Spring 2009 offer great insight on emerging trends and styles.

The site is a part of the Sugar network. You can find other fashion blogs in the network by clicking on the network tab on the right of site’s navigational bar.

7. Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion, as the name indicates, is about the fashion industry and the various business opportunities associated with it. It has got a team of writers based in the fashion capitals of the world like London and New York who write about the business aspect of fashion, global brands and emerging trends.

8. Total Beauty

Total Beauty is a site about all things beauty. And it really is a comprehensive beauty site. It contains beauty product reviews, elaborate articles, stories, how-to videos, tips & tricks, contests, blogs, message boards and even a total beauty television.

The site also explores beauty sub-topics like anti-aging, hair styles, makeup etc. It is undoubtedly a brilliant resource for women and fashion writers.

9. Stylelist

Stylelist is about style and trends, about women and what’s grabbing their attention. It’s about clothing style, hair styles, celeb style, styles which emerge in specific seasons (like fall style) and much more. Part of the AOL beauty and style network, the site features articles, videos, pictures, celebrity and model interviews and all the stuff which a beginning fashion blogger would cherish.

10. Bust.com

If you are a woman who loves reading about fashion and trends, I am sure you have read Bust, the bi-monthly lifestyle magazine. While the magazine has its own fan following, its official website is a hit too. The Bust blog publishes some innovative and funny fashion articles and videos and also informs about the fashion industry at the same time.

The site also has what it calls the Girl Wide Web, a directory of female bloggers who blog about fashion or a related topic. If you are one of such bloggers, you could get featured there too.

11. Style.com

From Bust magazine’s official site, we now come to Style.com, the online home of world famous Vogue magazine. If you have read Vogue and know about the amazing images and photographs it publishes (that’s what it is famous for), you will find the same stuff in the site too. Model pictures shot by world renowned fashion photographers are the main attraction of the site. Plus it features videos, blogs, fashion news, people and parties, latest trends, fashion show gossip and much more.

12. Fashionising

Fashionising describes itself as a fashion social network and community. It has both forums and blogs and features fashion news, latest fashion trends, high resolution model and celebrity pictures and in-depth articles describing what’s new in the fashion world. It also organizes luxurious fashion events. I recommend that you join their community and participate in the discussions to know more about the emerging styles and trends.

13. Inside The Tents

Inside The Tents is a site dedicated to covering the New York Fashion Week. The site is in fact an aggregator of content featuring the New York Fashion Week and brings you the blogosphere coverage, the tweets from twitter, pictures from flickr and videos related to the event, all on one page. You can take a look at the contributors who provide the bulk of content to the site.

14. Weardrobe

Weardrobe is an interesting site where anyone like you and me could share their style and show the world how creative you are with your outfits. Just sign up and start uploading your photos. Get feedback by the vibrant community on your attire and your style. Also check out the pictures uploaded by users and see which are the styles you like.

15. PopSugar

PopSugar is the flagship site of Sugar, Inc. which connects you to its network of fashion blogs like FabSugar and other such sites like BellaSugar (beauty), TresSugar (sex and culture) and BuzzSugar (entertainment). All these sites also offer a great community of fashion enthusiasts and network of fashion bloggers which a beginning fashion blogger could tap on.

16. PR Couture

PR Couture is a fashion PR blog which focuses on the world of fashion public relations, marketing, social media and other related aspects of the fashion industry. It is an important blog, especially for those who are taking their first step in fashion writing/blogging.

This blog gives valuable insights into how leading fashion brands and designers network and promote themselves. It also talks about the do’s and dont’s of fashion PR. Really useful for fashion enthusiasts.

17. Fashion156

Fashion156 is the online version of a popular UK based fashion magazine by the same name. Like Inside The Tents is a one-stop shop for the New York Fashion Week, this site could be called the same for London Fashion Week. However, it doesn’t just limit itself to that. It talks about the emerging fashion trends in the UK and showcases the work of new fashion designers, something which the magazine is proud of, since not many other magazines do that.

18. FashionIndie

FashionIndie is a well known fashion and pop-culture blog that features in-depth articles and analysis of latest beauty trends, women and men fashion, fashion weeks and almost every aspect of the fashion industry you can think of. You could also submit an article to the site.

19. Stylehive

Stylehive combines fashion, design and shopping into a social networking and bookmarking club. They call themselves the ” world’s largest social shopping community.” You can join the hive and build your own hive where you can showcase your style. You may bookmark the stuff you like and also follow people whom you find interesting.

20. Go Fug Yourself

Last, but by no means the least is Go Fug Yourself, a popular blog that combines comedy, satire and sarcasm while discussing fashion trends and celebrity outfits. Its hilarious commentary on celeb attire is the number one reason why people flock in huge numbers to the site. A great site to get a different perspective on fashion and of course to get a good laugh.

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