Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Long Does it Take to Finish a Fashion Design Major?

If you have an interest in the current clothing fashions and possess the creativity and desire to make a difference in the clothing industry, you may want to get a formal education in fashion design before attempting to get a job in the field.  However, many people are unclear about the answer to how long does it take to finish a fashion design major?  The answer may be given with several responses.  It all depends on the exact kind of major you are pursuing and how much time you plan to dedicate to your studies each semester.  The two most commonly-sought degrees in fashion design are two or four-year programs.  Obviously, these may only be completed in these timeframes if you are a full-time student.

The two-year program is the first approach to answering how long does it take to finish a fashion design major? A given college may get you an Associate’s of Applied Science degree in fashion design after two years.  The exact field within fashion design that you choose to pursue may dictate the classes you may be required to take.  Every program, no matter where you go to school, may equip you with the basics of fashion design.  Your courses could include industrial sewing, textiles, history of fashion, Computer Assisted Design (CAD), and accessory design and concepts.  In addition to these clearly design-related classes, you may also take courses like management and business practices to prepare you for that side of the industry.

The next answer in response to how long does it take to finish a fashion design major is with the completion of a bachelor’s degree in fashion design.  This is usually accomplished after four years of study.  With the two additional years, you learn more in-depth details about garment design standards and practices concerning how to successfully run a business.  This kind of degree may give you a better background with which to begin your career as a fashion designer, especially if your goal is to eventually run your own business.

There are advantages and drawbacks to both answers to how long does it take to finish a fashion design major.  After only two years, you could have all you need to start a career, but in this incredibly competitive industry, you may want the extra two years of education and a higher degree to back you up as you apply for employment.  The bottom line is that more doors may open if you pursue a bachelor’s degree, but if you have a good amount of untrained skill and business experience, two years could definitely be enough to get you the dream job you have always wanted.  Either way, the outcome of how long does it take to finish a fashion design major may only be reached after you have begun the pursuit of your higher education.

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