Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Choose Among Fashion Design Schools?

If you enjoy sewing, creating designs and altering your clothing so they better fit your needs and personality, fashion design could be the perfect major for you.  If art in the form of clothing is your passion, you need to develop and refine your skills in a design school if you hope to successfully integrate yourself into the fashion design industry.  From New York to California and every state in between, there are certainly no shortages of fashion design schools in this country to consider attending.  But then, how to choose among fashion design schools?  Here are some guidelines to help you narrow down your search for where to obtain the best higher education possible.

The first consideration you might make for how to choose among fashion design schools is whether a school offers a two or four-year program.  These may get you an Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree, respectively.  With the busy schedules that some people lead, two and four years are underestimations of the length of the programs.  With an Associate’s Degree, you may complete school and get into the field, but if your hope to realistically do so, you had better be dedicated during your schooling and build a phenomenal portfolio.  This industry is extremely competitive and most employers may probably be looking for a Bachelor’s Degree.

After making this decision, you may learn how to choose among fashion design schools more effectively by looking at other criteria.  The school’s location, options for other majors and minors, costs and track record for launching graduates into the field are all considerations you may make.  You may want to escape your home state, but remember that out-of-state tuition is usually much higher than in-state.  If possible, visit the top schools on your list to get a firsthand impression of the program and teachers.  Touring campus may give you a feeling of excitement or allow you to rule a school out of your list of possibilities.

When you have a small list left, perhaps of your top four or five schools, there is no need to narrow it down any further.  Applying to multiple schools allows you to have a fallback plan should you not be accepted by one or another.  If you are accepted by more than one, your final decision of how to choose among fashion design schools may be based on cost, exact location and whether you are offered a scholarship at one location or another.  Once you make your choice, prepare yourself for a great few years to come!  Now that you know how to choose among fashion design schools, you may be ready to embark on the biggest adventure of your life and prepare for the career of your dreams.

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