Thursday, May 22, 2008

Private: So You Want to Be A Fashion Designer?

If you want to enter a career in fashion design. The world of fashion design is very competitive, and you need to be able to make sure that you have all the advantages you possibly may. One major advantage is a good education in fashion design and related subjects, which you may obtain from a fashion design school.

Your fashion design school may offer you a host of different study programs, resulting in qualifications ranging from certificates and diplomas, degrees and graduate qualifications. You may choose to study pure design, in which case you may be studying subjects such as art, principles of design, color and texture, textiles, clothing and garment styling and manufacture, and other related topics. You may decide to study a related area such as fashion merchandising, in which case subjects may include marketing, market research and clothes psychology.

Fashion school is likely to offer it’s programs in a number of different modes such as full time, part time or distance learning, allowing you to choose whether to work at the same time as you are updating your qualifications. For some people this is necessary, opening up possibilities for career change that are not possible unless they take a distance learning or online program.

Careers in fashion design require you to be experienced and to keep abreast of new trends and fashions. Being successful means that you may become an arbiter of how people look.

Were you the one in high school who didn’t really get into all the normal academic subjects like math, science, or English? Did you find that most of what interested you existed outside of school? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately, some people don’t fit very well into a typical educational curriculum. There are talents that exist beyond being able to recite the quadratic formula or remember the capitols of all 50 states. One of these talents that isn’t generally discovered in school is the ability to spot fashion trends and/or design clothes. Although there are art classes for these aesthetically-minded students, many of them don’t realize their hidden fashion talents until they’ve already graduated and are trying to figure out what to do with their lives.

If you think you may want to be a fashion designer, you should consider enrolling in fashion design school. A reputable fashion design school prepares students for a number of different fields in the fashion industry upon graduation. Much of the curriculum focuses on the artistic side of fashion design’learning how to create clothes and discovering what patterns and textures work well together. Another aspect of fashion design focuses on business. Fashion design students may often learn how to evaluate fashion trends based on the buying patterns of different demographic groups. Skills like this prepare students for careers in fashion buying and merchandising, which may be very lucrative.

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