Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Fashion Design Jobs & Career Pathways

To expose the way to a great career in fashion design, you must complete a degree in the field first.  Once you do, you may be interested in the 10 fashion design jobs and career pathways.  The one you choose has a great deal to do with your personality and your niche of study.

1. Fashion designing is obviously the first on the 10 fashion design jobs and career pathways.  This might be your choice if you sketch clothing well and have an innate skill for working with fabric.  Also, you need a refined fashion sense to design the latest trends.

2. Fashion illustration is another career pathway you may choose.  Most of the work conducted here is done with graphic design, making this a perfect pursuit if you prefer to digitally create your work and avoid dealing with the physical fabrics.

3. Fashion buying makes the list of 10 fashion design jobs and career pathways if you are business savvy.  This is great for people who have a skill predicting future trends in the industry.

4. Pattern making is another career that may be achieved by fashion design majors.  This pursuit is ideal for graduates with great visualization skills, equipping them with the ability to duplicate patterns without losing quality.

5. Costume design is an interesting niche.  Often this route is forgotten, but picture the beautiful costumes that performers wear on Broadway and in Hollywood movies.  The show would not be complete without the costumes.

6. Fashion marketing is a career pathway which is perfect for people who have a solid business background.  The job of a fashion marketer is to increase the interest of the customer in the newest fashion trends.  This job is impossible to get into without a degree in fashion design.

7. Fashion merchandising combines the skills of advertising, retail knowhow and marketing with the creativity of fashion design, giving it a spot on the list of the 10 fashion design jobs and career pathways.  The global demand for fashion is never ending, and with this job you may tap into all of it.

8. Fashion event planning is perfect for a designer who wants the glitz and glamour associated with fashion design.  If you have ever watched a fashion or bridal show, the event was organized by a fashion even planner.

9. Fashion styling is similar to event planning, but involves selecting clothing for photo shoots, commercials and advertisements on television, making this a candidate for the 10 fashion design jobs and career pathways.

10. Fashion education is a great career path for designers who love to teach.  After all, once the current generation of designers is gone, the next must be educated to take the ball and run with it.

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