Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Design Schools Ratings & Rankings

In order to begin a successful career in the fashion design industry, a growing number of future designers are getting an education and a degree before they attempt to enter the field.  As competition in this industry continues to rise, it is an intuitive decision to take the time to become formally educated before entering this highly competitive field.  Many a times today an employer may not even consider hiring anyone onto the team who has less than an Associate’s Degree, or more likely a Bachelor’s Degree, in fashion design.  The decision of what school to attend is an important one.

As you may be probably aware, not all higher education opportunities are created equal.  What makes one school rank higher than another?  The courses are one example of what makes a difference in a school’s placement on the list of fashion design schools ratings and rankings.  Some schools simply offer a more challenging curriculum than others.  You might argue that a difficult curriculum accomplishes nothing more than making it more complicated for you to graduate with your degree.  This assumption is incorrect.  The fashion design schools achieve such reputations because they are accredited with passing certain standards of educational quality.  The US Department of Education performs accreditation, giving schools a chance to prove their competence.  You may check for the fashion design schools ratings and rankings with the State Postsecondary School Licensing Bureau.

Getting a quality education is important if you want to hit the ground running when you enter the fashion design industry.  Your ability to do so may be predicted when you compare the rate of job placements of graduating seniors from different fashion design schools.  If the alumni have gone on to become successful in the field, you may put a greater trust in the school’s ability to properly educate its students.  These figures are often included in the fashion design schools ratings and rankings.

The schools that may be able to provide you with the opportunity to enter the fashion design industry may offer job placement services.  Whether or not such services are offered by the schools you are considering may be enough to make or break your decision to attend there.  After all, what good does a quality education do if you do not have the ability to locate employment after graduation?  Clearly, if you want an education that may get you the job of your dreams, you may need to consider much more than simply the school’s location and the cost of tuition.

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