Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Twenty Fashion Blogs to Watch Out For

Some are up-and-comers, while some have been doing this for years, but one thing’s for sure: with blogs as sleek and chic as the clothes on their backs, these men and women know fashion. Whether they document it in words, photos, or their own designs, these twenty blogs are inspiration galore:

1. The Sartorialist The best of the best and an inspiration to other bloggers, Scott Schuman channeled a lifelong obsession with dressing sharp into an award-winning blog, now honored as a Top 100 Style Influence in Time Magazine and immortalized as a book out this month.

2. LOOKBOOK More than a mere blog, this daily site is a mass convergence of bloggers, photographers, designers, and models (aspiring and professional alike) to show off their hottest looks and inspire others.

3. The Cherry Blossom Girl French fashion designer and editor Alix leads us through a dreamworld of bilingual commentary and creative photo shoots.

4. Style Bubble London magazine editor Susie Bubble may describe herself as a “fashion-outsider,” but her superfresh design world coverage and her bold eye for street style are fashion central.

5. La Carmina This award-winning Yale law school graduate took a chance and gave it all up to pursue her Gothic Lolita dreams in Tokyo, where she captures the zeitgeist of Japanese club and street fashion.

6. fashiontoast Rumi documents her daring daily fashion statements and musings on fashiontoast, then sells off the detritus on her other blog, shoptoast.

7. Face Hunter A stark photo chronicle of London street fashion, author Yvan calls it “eye candy for the style hungry.”

8. Style Rookie We see big things for this one: how many other junior high kids get to hang out around New York Fashion Week? Wunderkind Tavi has more style at 13 years old than most adults achieve in a lifetime.

9. Spanish Moss A crack team of writers pens this “avant-garde for the everyday” blog about being as creative and fashion-forward as the real world allows.

10. Childhood Flames Camille’s stark and minimalist stand-out blog celebrates chic style (and the occasional cake) on a teen-friendly budget.

11. LoveMore Bel is in love with models, fashion editorials, style on the street, and the perfect ensemble. Her blog is a dedication to them all.

12. Cobra Snake Scenester photographer Cobra Snake’s site is light on words, but the party photos play out like a lookbook come to life.

13. WhoWhatWear Katherine and Hillary get celebrity gossip back to the basics: who’s wearing what?

14. Rock the Trend Laila is an 18-year-old fashion student from Singapore with big label dreams; ‘til then, she blogs the best in today’s couture.

15. I Adore Style Anissa, fashion school graduate and owner of Night Owl Vintage, blends news on emerging designers with soft vintage-style photography in this daily fashion and design blog.

16. because im addicted A Los Angeles twenty-something’s picture-heavy ode to fashion, food, cute gadgets, and the perfect pair of shoes.

17. Je Suis Michelle’s blog is lo-fi, high-glam, enormous, bold, and hopelessly fashionable.

18. What is Reality Anyway? Krystal Simpson, poet and editor-at-large of the Homestead Review, uses this blog as a record of her extremely fashionable life.

19. cigarettesandhighheels Three twenty-something friends have turned this blog into their fashion inspiration scrapbook.

20. Bleach Black Kristin Valerie’s “conversational fashion diary,” served up in bite-sized gems of info down the page.

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