Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Decide on Undergraduate Fashion Design Schools?

There are many undergraduate fashion design schools today that offer a higher education in a specific field. One that is popularly selected by creative individuals with artistic skills is fashion design school. Not all postsecondary educational institutions are created equal. While this may be the first step, you should also focus on the particularities of each of the undergraduate fashion design schools.

There are two levels of undergraduate degrees, the first of which is an Associate’s of Applied Science degree. At each location, there is a slight variance in programs offered, credentials required and scheduling options. Scheduling is very versatile, as you might choose to take day, evening or even weekend classes to complete your educational goals.

In addition to schools that offer Associate’s degrees in fashion design, there are also colleges that offer only Bachelor’s degrees. These are classically four-year programs, though students often will space out their courses to a more manageable level. Students at one of the 17 campuses located in six states can complete a Bachelor’s degree in only three years! This allows you to learn everything you need in a shorter amount of time and begin your dream job earlier than you thought possible.

In addition to these great physically-situated schools, there are also many online opportunities to get your undergraduate degree in fashion design. In fact, all of the schools highlighted here have an online campus in addition to their physical locations across North America. You might choose to take online classes if your schedule is extremely full or if you want to study with a greater amount of flexibility and convenience. Applying to several schools in your desired locations will give you more options to continue your higher education.

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