Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Major in Fashion Design?

This is the point in your life that you need to choose a path for your higher education.  Many people choose majors in math and biology, English and medicine.  These majors may not be for you.  Are you creative?  Do you consistently find yourself buying only the best clothes and paying attention to what everyone else is wearing?  Do fashion shows intrigue and inspire you?  If you feel that any of these questions may be answered in the affirmative, then fashion design could be the major for you.  Here are some reasons why major in fashion design.

A career as a fashion designer ranks high on the list for people who imagine a thrilling way of life for themselves once they are out of school.  The truth is that the fashion design industry is extremely competitive.  If this is really what you hope to be spending your life doing, you need every advantage possible to get your foot in the door.  There are rare cases, as with any career, that exceptionally gifted individuals may get into the industry because they know the right people and have enough untrained skill.  In a vast majority of cases, however, why major in fashion design is a simple question to answer in that your degree may assist you in getting your dream job like nothing else can.

Not only do you need the degree to give you credibility as you search for job opportunities after graduation, you need the information that may be learned through your higher education.  The knowledge and experience you may gain in classroom environments with projects that resemble realistic situations in addition to internship and other opportunities are ones you may receive no place else.  There are many chances to learn exactly what a fashion designer does from day to day that you may not be aware of.  The chance to delve into a preview of what life as a fashion designer may be like is another reason why major in fashion design.

In this career, you not only need an extensive knowledge of manufacturing and clothing—which includes textiles and sewing—you also need to be able to sketch and realistically render your designs on paper.  For this reason, a thorough knowledge of color and application is important.  You may have an innate skill for such things, giving you another reason why major in fashion design.  If not, or even if you think you do, you may refine your skills and learn even more with a major in fashion design.  The portfolio you have the chance to build over a two or four-year program may equip you with what you need to get started in the “real world” of fashion design.  These are the answers to the question, why major in fashion design.

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